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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Size19 MB
Latest VersionVaries with device

Smart Driving is definitely the latest trend today and there are so many apps out there that can help you achieve such an amazing smart driving experience. Android Auto by Google can definitely become your smart driving companion. This app will help you stay focused, connected, and entertained with the Google Assistant. Interestingly, this app comes with a user-friendly interface, easy to navigate controls and powerful voice actions which can be done with simple voice commands. If you are looking for a great alternative for your current Infotainment system for your car, this Android Auto is a perfect fit.

Android AutoEnjoy Simple and Driver-Friendly Interface

One of the best things about Android Auto is the fact that it is wonderfully optimized for your mobile. It makes everything a lot easier to use. Interestingly, Android Auto is designed to make it easier to use apps that you love from your phone while you are on the road. This app comes with a simple and driver-friendly interface. You can easily navigate all the controls and use your favorite apps conveniently while you are on the road. The easy access feature allows you to switch from one app to another in just a few swipes.

Android Auto is powered by Google Assistant that will accompany you all throughout the process. Using Google Assistant, you can instantly make calls using simple voice commands. You can also answer incoming calls in just a tap. Drivers can also use the Google Assistant to check their calendars so they know where they are needed to be. Also with Google Assistant, you can access your contact folders and send and receive messages using SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, Kik and many other messaging apps.

Android AutoGPS, Media, Messaging, and More

Of course, the main function of Android Auto is to serve as your GPS. Using this app, you can route your next destination using either Google Maps or the Waze. This will provide you with real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts. Using the Google Maps or Waze features, users can get updates on their route, the ETA and the hazards they could possibly encounter or avoided along the way. You can get updates about the traffic and you can look for an alternative route so you can make it on your destination right on time.

If you do not want to be disturbed by any incoming calls or messages, Android Auto allows you to come up with a customized “do no disturb” message while driving. Interestingly, this app can also act as your very own infotainment system. You can listen to your favorite media apps such as Spotify, BBC iPlayer Radio, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and various Sports and Podcasts channels. Just make sure that your apps and your phone is compatible enough to embrace all its amazing features. It is recommended to have at least an Android 5.0 or higher and an active data connection.

Android AutoJust Say “Okay Google”

Android Auto is supported by more than 400 car models. What makes it more fascinating is the fact that you can do almost everything with Android Auto with a simple voice command. Just say “Okay Google (followed by your command)” and your Google Assistant will do the job for you. It is also interesting to note that there will be a new update on Android Auto to be rolled out very soon.  It comes with many interesting improvements including a new navigation bar, easy access features, and many others to improve your smart driving experience.

The Verdict

With so many useful features, Android Auto is surely a perfect fit for your car. The app’s overall simplicity has become its greatest strength. It comes with a very simple and driver-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate controls which allow you to switch from one app to another in just a few swipes and taps. Android Auto is a great travel buddy with its amazing GPS system using either Google Maps or Waze. It can also become an impressive infotainment system! Currently, the app is available for Android devices and you can download this app absolutely for free.

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