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When it comes to messaging apps, there is no better way to express your feelings in every conversation than using colorful emoticons. These emojis allow you to express your feelings through cartoon-like visual images. When it comes to sources of colorful emoticons, Bitmoji is an excellent one. Bitmoji is generally a third party social media app that you can use to create little cartoon-like versions of yourself. These avatars can later be applied and used on various social media accounts and messaging applications. If you want to turn your conversation into something more lively and colorful, Bitmoji is a perfect app for you.

BitmojiBe Creative and Create Your Own Avatar

Bitmoji is a very simple app with a very straightforward function. You simply create an avatar of yourself and assemble various comics, GIFs, expressions, and reactions to be applied on your avatar. Once done, you can integrate the Bitmoji avatars with any of the available communicating and messaging apps. You can send the avatars with someone in a chat or email to express yourself. Since the avatars are personalized, this app allows you to express the best of your creativity. Creating a Bitmoji avatar is more like creating something that will reflect your current mood and your personality.

If you are tired of using the default emoticons used by most social media networks and messaging apps, you can use Bitmoji as a game-changer. Bitmoji is currently owned by Snapchat and so the app is greatly utilized on such a platform. Aside from Snapchat, you can use the app on a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Gboard, iMessage, even work-related apps like Slack. With some recent updates, you can also apply Bitmoji avatars on selected games.

BitmojiExplore Huge Library of Stickers

Bitmoji comes with a very huge library of stickers that you can apply to your avatar. Creating your own avatar is not as challenging as it sounds.  Simply download the app from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. Just like how you normally customize an avatar on various role-playing games, you start off by picking out your preferred features. These include skin shade, hair color, hairstyle, jawline, chin, nose, eyes, eyebrows, and many others. Everything is selected based on your very own preferences.

You can either create a cartoon version of yourself or something else. There are thousands of combinations to use for your avatar. Aside from customizing the facial features, you can also turn your avatars more colorful by dressing them up with various outfits. You can also put them in a variety of scenes, create innumerable stickers and apply different postures and expressions. Overall, there’s an overwhelming number of possibilities for Bitmoji. Your creativity is your limit!

BitmojiUse Bitmoji on Any Chat Messaging Apps

Once you are done creating your avatar, you may now proceed to the final step, the application! Simply pick and paste it all over your social media app of choice to simply add interesting color and flavor to a conversation. The main goal of this app is to create a Bitmoji keyboard with all your favorite personalized stickers on it. To do so, this app offers an option that enables this special keyboard in its settings. Simply allow the app to access the keyboard setting to activate it. Recent updates also feature the so-called Friendmoji where you can create 2-person Bitmoji featuring you and your friend. Mix and Match is also an interesting addition that allows you to select each article of clothing individually and even choose the color that suits you best.

The Verdict

Bitmoji is definitely a great addition to your mobile. If you are a frequent user of Snapchat, this third party app can be extremely useful and beneficial. Overall, the purpose of Bitmoji is to turn simple chat conversation into something more lively, more expressive and more colorful. It is also wonderful to receive something personalized. The app also allows you to express the best of your creativity by allowing you to customize your very own avatars. Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing app absolutely for free.

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