TERA Review

When we are talking about MMORPGs, there are a few popular ones that come to mind and one of the bigger ones is TERA. TERA was released during 2011 and 2012 and has been considered at one point as a contender for the best MMORPG. Although it did not achieve that title, TERA was and still is a decent game to play if you are into MMORPGs. The game is free to play which is always good news as players don’t have to spend money in order to try it out and is decently populated which is great news when it comes to MMORPGs. The more people you can play with, the more fun the experience will be. Since it’s release, TERA has gotten numerous updates, expansion packs as well as additional content and it keeps getting updated at a regular pace which means that there is never a content drought.



TERA comes with its own rich lore and gives the players a wide array of races and classes to choose from. Most of the available classes have their own unique playing styles so there is something for everyone and leveling alts doesn’t feel like a big chore as every time the playing experience is different. The game comes with a standard MMO package with mounts, different quality gear, and a lot of endgame activities to keep the players busy once they have reached the max level. There are dungeons which are essentially areas with stronger than usual enemies for small groups of people to tackle together, raids which are pretty much the same as dungeons only on a lot larger scale requiring a larger group of people to clear and for those who enjoy going up against other players there is a lot of PvP focused content such as the battlegrounds.

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When it comes to combat, TERA features a semi-active combat system. While the system is half target and then perform your rotation similar to World of Warcraft, the other half is based on active dodging and button timing in order to perform combos or evade enemy attacks, all that while still being able to move around which truly sets it apart from other similar MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.

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The game graphics look a little bit dated but that is not much of a surprise as the game several years old but the game still looks decent even when compared to the more modern standards. The color palette ranges from vibrant to murky and dark in order to bring to life different themes of various zones.

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The Verdict

In conclusion, TERA is generally just another MMORPG game set in its own universe with its own classes, characters, and lore. While it features all the things that a classic MMORPG should, what separates it from the bunch is its own unique combat system. There is something for both PvE and PvP lovers and there is never a content shortage due to constant updates and expansion packs. TERA is also a free-to-play game which means that there will always be a significant player base so the world of TERA keeps feeling like an MMORPG.

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