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10 Miles to Safety takes survival adventure to bold new frontiers

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10 Miles to Safety combines the frenetic shooting action of Super Smash TV with the survival elements of DayZ.

10 Miles to Safety is an early access action RPG game set in a zombie-filled post-apocalypse landscape reminiscent of some iconic titles in that genre, such as Dying Light, DayZ and many more. 10 Miles to Safety sets itself apart from other zombie apocalypse games by combining select elements from survival games with a more arcade-like sensibilities. Let’s take a closer look at 10 Miles to Safety.

In 10 Miles to Safety, you’re thurst in the thick of a chaotic world ravaged by hordes of roaming zombies. From the distance, you hear a voice calling you to it, promising safe refuge only 10 miles away. This is the main premise of the game: make your way to this safe place 10 miles away, all the while scavenging to survive, and avoiding the blood-thirsty undead army that walks the streets.

It has been mentioned that this game is an Action RPG with Arcade elements. On paper it doesn’t sound like anything special – H1Z1 also attempted a similar style of game to relative success a few years back. 10 Miles to Safety differentiates itself from its peers with modern themes and gameplay, where we can collect items, and craft things.

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It’s a very long way to safety.

At the beginning of the game we will choose the main character with a variety of specialties, starting from the looter who makes noise when looking for items decreases so that not many zombies can hear the sound, or get more bullets when looking for items, or we can also choose the sharpshooter that has shooting specialty and get a chance bonus when shooting with all types of weapons, there are a total of 5 types of characters to choose from. We can use weapons to fight these zombies.

There are more than 20 types of weapons in the 10 miles to safety game that can be upgraded as well, of course. We can also have to collect wood to make barricades when large-scale zombie attacks come, this barricade can be strengthened when we find blueprints and learn how to make barricades to make it stronger.

The zombies will become stronger as the progress in the game 10 miles to safety. Zombies that appear at night will be stronger and more agile. we must find a hiding place and suitable to hold the waves of zombies at night, make barricades and of course kill them until morning comes and we can continue the journey back.

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Indoor fights feel a lot like Hotline Miami.

There will be a side mission on the trip or event, of course, with rewards. For example, at the beginning of the game 10 miles to safety we have to help someone who is trapped in a car and we arrest zombies who try to get close and the NPC can finally become one of our party members.10 miles to safety also has a multiplayer mode, and will definitely be more fun playing with friends. We can play 1 4 player at a time.

The graphics offered at 10 miles to safety are pretty good considering the arcade type and the sims character design. A fairly extensive map with lots of places to look for items including houses and cars, making the game 10 miles to safety is very fun and we will not be bored playing this game. one more thing, though this game seems fun but the difficulty level of this game is quite high, you will need tens of hours to finish this game.

We also have to remember that the 10 miles to safety game is still in the early access stage and has received a very positive response at this time and there will still be more content to be added to the game. If you are fans of Zombie-themed games and like the new challenges, you must try the 10 miles to safety game.

The Verdict
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10 Miles from Safety is a game that hit the ground running right from release. It offers a lot of the positives of similar games, successfully recreating the thrill of the best survival games while sidestepping the slow, plodding gameplay characteristic of the genre. If you're wary of early access, you might want to watch this one from a distance, but for the brave of heart, 10 Miles to Safety takes survival adventure to bold new frontiers.

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