Attack on Titan 2 Review

Attack on Titan 2 is an action hack and slash video game based on the popular manga of the same name. Developed by Omega Force and released in March 2018, it is a sequel to the 2016 game and in which the plot continues off the previous title, but how does it compare to its predecessor and other games of a similar genre? Let’s find out.


The gameplay of Attack on Titan 2 goes over the plot of the first 50 manga chapters of the original Attack on Titan combined with the plot of the first two seasons of the anime adaptation of the manga. The players are tasked with creating their own character who then goes around the world interacting with the series characters and completing various tasks. The goal of the game is pretty much eliminating various titans that you will encounter. During your dialogue with other characters, you will be able to choose your responses but they are admittingly sometimes too obvious and your character doesn’t get a lot of character development throughout the game. Bases are introduced as a new feature that allows you to recruit characters from the anime which serves as a defensive line when the Titans attack and the anime characters are only controllable in “Another mode”. Attack on Titan 2 also includes an online two-player co-op mode as well as an online competitive mode called annihilation mode. – Install and run file recovery recover deleted files word mac software: Download and install the file recovery software of your choice. In this mode, players are divided into two teams with four players each and kill titans for points while only killing blows count towards the score so strategizing and stealing opponent kills are a must.

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Attack on Titan 2 features cell-shaded graphics but they look great and the game plays excellently with minimal FPS drops only on a few occasions. Though the game is well adapted from the manga and the anime, a big part of the story is a retelling of the season one of the anime and reusing cutscenes from the previous game, although they do look incredible.

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The battle sequences are great and really do justice to the anime with all the swinging around, slashing chopping things off. The game interface has gotten some improvements and the combat system is great with the option of individually targeting each limb separately or if a player prefers, going straight for the finishing blow on the titan’s neck. A new type of sneak attack has been added which is a high risk, high reward-based. If the player succeeds, he gets an instant kill and if he doesn’t the Titan becomes harder to eliminate.

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The Verdict

Overall it is a fast-paced great looking game with a good combat system and a good story but it does have its downsides. Recycled material from the previous game as well as the lack of character development of the playable character is two major ones. Nevertheless, it is an extremely fun game to play, especially if you are a fan of the manga and the anime.

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