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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Latest Version7.42.0

Nowadays, almost everything can be done online. Especially in terms of shopping or buying stuff, we can find so many merchants that are selling their goods over the web or through various shopping apps. The only thing that matters now is how to pay them fast and securely. Luckily, we got lots of trustworthy mobile apps to settle all our only money transactions. One of which includes Venmo which is powered by Paypal. Venmo app offers a mobile payment service that allows users to transfer or to receive funds from another user using their mobile devices.

VenmoEasy and Fast Way to Send Money

The service offered by Venmo is generally the same as how a typical wire transfer works but in a more convenient and more favorable way. Unlike a typical wire transfer, this allows you to send money from one bank account to another in as fast as a few minutes. Venmo can be used in many ways. You can use the app to make and share payments to your family and friends. Users can pay their family or friends with Venmo account with the money they have in Venmo or by linking their bank account or debit card. Payments can be sent to the recipients in just a few minutes.

Now that the holidays are nearly approaching, this app an be very beneficial. If you are planning on a dinner with friends or family, you can practically split the bill among your friends using the app. Recently, they introduced a new feature with American Express that improved the digital payment experience for US consumer American Express Card members.

VenmoPacked with Extra Features

Venmo is more than just an app that allows you to send payments. It is packed with lots of great and useful features. The service features the so-called Instant Transfer which allows users to transfer the money in their Venmo account to their eligible Visa and Mastercard debit card within minutes at such a very low rate. Aside from the debit card, you can also Instant Transfer your money directly to your bank account with the same small fee. If you own a business, you can also find this app equally useful and fascinating.

Businesses can pay their users through the so-called Venmo Payouts. Similar to how Paypal Payouts works, this allows businesses to pay their users and select which wallet they would like to be paid out to (Paypal or Venmo). Venmo also recently introduced a cashback system known as Venmo Rewards. This is a new program that offers automatic cashback when users pay using their card at some of their favorite retailers. Users can track the number of rewards they’ve earned on each transaction in the ‘My Feed’ section of the app, and choose to share the rewards they’ve earned from featured merchants in the Venmo feed.

VenmoSafe and Secure Transactions

Since this is an app that deals with bank transactions, safety is one of the top concerns. With Venmo, users are guaranteed with secure and safe payments. The reputation of Paypal alone is good enough to give this app your trust. The app uses encryption to help protect your account information and monitor your account activity to help identify unauthorized transactions. In the first place, this app is designed for payments between friends and people who trust each other. Users are encouraged to be responsible so avoid payments to people you don’t know, especially if it involves a sale for goods and services.

The Verdict

Venmo is indeed a useful app. An easy-to-use platform to pay the goods and services you availed. To top it all, the app comes with great features you can take advantage with. The newly introduced cashback system is truly an impressive addition. Users can shop using their Venmo card and earn rewards in return. Knowing that the app is powered by Paypal, it guarantees users safe and secure money transactions. After all, this app is wonderfully designed for payments between friends and people who trust each other. Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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