Overwatch Review

Overwatch is a video game that was released in May 2016 across multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and later Nintendo Switch. Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch has had a somewhat rough journey to get where it is today.

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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter that has managed to put a spin on the FPS genre and make itself really stand out of the crowd. While the traditional objectives of FPS games such as capturing an area and eliminating your opponents are still present, the game puts an entirely new spin on the genre by including specific roles that players can choose from.

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There are three different roles which players can choose from and all have their own sets of weaknesses and advantages. Tanks are usually larger characters who can generally take more damage from the enemies and still keep fighting. Players in the Damage role are obviously tasked with eliminating an opponent and are better equipped to do so than any other role. Finally, players who pick support are tasked with protecting their teammates by healing them and providing them with various improvements and buffs. It is worth mentioning that all roles are capable of dealing damage and can eliminate enemies, it is just that some of them are a bit better designed towards that goal when it comes to their skillsets.


When it comes to Overwatch, combat is the aspect where it truly excels, as any FPS should. It is very fast-paced full of thrill and excitement which is only increased by the sheer number of characters that players can choose from.

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Each Overwatch character has its own set of unique abilities that offer many different playstyles to choose from which adds a big element of strategy and planning to the game. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses which means that the right team composition is needed to achieve the best results in battle. Characters range from simple soldiers to assassins, snipers, and healers, all the way to characters who can place defensive structures and large shields in order to protect their buildings and teammates.


Just like in every recent Blizzard video game, the graphics are at the peak of what they could have been back when the game was released and are still comparable to the graphics of more modern titles. While the graphics aren’t too realistic, they fit the game’s universe and characters well. Detailed textures, vibrant colors and a slightly cartoonish art style all blend perfectly to produce the world of Overwatch.

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The Verdict

To conclude our story, Overwatch is an extremely fast-paced and fun team-based FPS game which will offer players a ton of fun and exciting moments. The character roster is great, class balance is good and the combat requires strategical thinking, however, there are a few drawbacks present as well. Content updates for the game don’t come at a fast-enough pace and the loot box system could be improved as well as the progression system.