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PlatformsAndroid 2.3 and up
Size18 MB
Latest Version1.0.5

Block puzzle is possibly one of the most popular mobile game genres today. The popularity of these puzzles is greatly achieved not because of its hardcore gameplay or its visually striking graphics. Most block puzzle games are characterized by their overall simplicity. This is exactly what you are about to experience when playing Block Puzzle Pop by Igost Technologies. It’s a simple yet surprisingly addictive block puzzle game that will surely put your skills on a test. The objective of the game is to get the highest score possible by clearing as many blocks as you can. If you have experienced playing classic block puzzle games, then you should know how exactly Block Puzzle Pop works.

Block Puzzle PopThe Gameplay

Generally, the mechanics for Block Puzzle Pop are very simple and easily manageable. The game wonderfully captures all the colorful and fascinating elements we all enjoyed from the classic block puzzle game. As mentioned above, your main objective for this game is nothing more but to get the highest score possible. To do so, you must strategically drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to create as many full straight lines as you can. Generally, the more lines you create, the higher the score you will get.

Block Puzzle Pop will not feature any additional campaign so as soon as you hit the Play button, it prompts you right away to the spacious 10×10 Grid. Normally, most block puzzles will only have 8×8 so players can take advantage of this spacious board and aim for a higher score. If there is one thing you must avoid at all costs, it is to run out of space. If you can no longer fit the puzzle pieces on the board, the game will just come to a quick end and it gives you no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Luckily, you can always take advantage of the powerups which is one of the unique features of Block Puzzle Pop.

Block Puzzle PopSimple Yet Addictive Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle Pop works exactly the same as the classic block puzzle games that we used to enjoy. After being prompted to the 10×10 grid, you will find three randomly-generated puzzle pieces on the lowermost area of the screen. These are simple puzzle pieces that are merely inspired by the classic Tetrominoes. The shapes will vary in terms of their sizes with 3×3 block as the biggest piece and a single block as the smallest. Simply drag and drop these puzzle pieces on the board and try to assemble them strategically to form a full straight line.

The straight lines can either be aligned vertically or horizontally on the board. You can also strategize your game by aiming for bigger combos. If you managed to eliminate multiple lines in one move, you’ll get a bigger and more satisfying score. It is also important to note that puzzle pieces will only arrive in batch. You must strategically consume the previous batch in order to get a new one. Another noteworthy feature of Block Puzzle Pop is the Day and Night Theme. You can freely switch from one theme to another even during the actual game.

Block Puzzle PopUndo And Shuffle

One of the most unique elements you can find in Block Puzzle Pop is the ability to use powerups. The game comes with two useful powerups that you can use at every level. You can take advantage of the Undo and Shuffle. Players are given with 3 Undos and 3 Shuffles per level. Undo allows you to undo your last action. Much like any other block puzzle games, once you drop the puzzle piece on the board, there is no other way to undo your action. In this game, however, you can undo your action not just once but three times in every level.

Shuffle, on the other hand, will give you a new batch of puzzle pieces. If you think that the current batch of puzzle pieces will not strategically fit on your board, you can always use the Shuffle to send you a new batch. Like the Undo, you can only use the Shuffle three times per level. Interestingly, both Undo and Shuffle will not cost you anything. Not even a reward video. Once you have consumed them all, you can no longer add new ones so make sure to use them wisely.

Block Puzzle PopThe Verdict

Block Puzzle Pop is generally a simple block puzzle game that comes with a unique approach. The addition of Undo and Shuffle powerups is simply brilliant which makes the game even more enjoyable to play with. Appearance-wise, Block Puzzle Pop is adorned with a simple design similar to some 1010 Block Puzzle games. It is, however, accompanied by wonderful music and audio effect. Above all, this game is wonderfully optimized for your mobile. Block Puzzle Pop still works like a gem even without an Internet connection which allows you to play this game anytime and anywhere you wish to. Currently, Block Puzzle Pop is only available for Android devices and you can download this colorful puzzle absolutely for free.

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