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download Stranger Things : The GameStranger Things is probably one of the most successful series from Netflix today. It is highly praised for its compelling story and how it pays homage to classic 1980’s genre films. The series will take you back to the 80s and will relive all the pop culture from this decade. Interestingly, Netflix and BonusXP came up with an official game to promote the show. Since the series is set on the 80s, nothing can be more appropriate than having the game in a classic 8Bit fashion.  If you are a big fan of the series, then you must download Stranger Things : The Game and relive some of the popular moments from the series.

Interestingly, the game will take place in the events after the Season 1. The player will go back to Hawkins, Indiana and help Chief of Police Jim Hopper to find the missing kids. What makes it even more engaging is the fact that when a kid is found, they will become a playable character. Each kid has different abilities which allows you to access other areas in the game. If you are ready for a great nostalgic experience, feel free to download Stranger Things : The Game and see how far you can go.

download Stranger Things : The GameThe Gameplay

The game follows a very simple mechanics and almost all interactions are done by simply tapping the screen. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the play area. You can navigate around and explore the surroundings of Hawkins by simply tapping the screen. The character will move to wherever you tap your fingers on. A red mark will be shown to indicate the location your character is heading. Although the controls are super easy, you must try not to tap recklessly especially when there are deadly obstacles around as you might put the character in danger.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, everyone who download Stranger Things : The Game will definitely notice some notable similarities with classic SNES games. The game is closely similar with The Legend of Zelda with some elements similar to Metroid. As mysterious as the series, the game is equally intriguing. It offers a lot of puzzles and some mysteries the players can unfold. There are also Easter eggs for those who managed to complete the game til the very end.

download Stranger Things : The GameUnlock Chapters and Playable Characters

One thing you will surely enjoy when you download Stranger Things : The Game is the compelling plot that remains faithful to the actual series. The game features the same characters from the series and how they are being depicted in the story. Generally there are six chapters to explore and they are merely based on the actual series plot. You start off with first chapter “The Lost Boys” where your first character is Officer Jim Hopper. You will attempt to search the missing boys within the Hawkins Lab.

Eventually as you start to locate where the missing kids are, you will be able to play them as your character as well. Each character has different abilities. Lucas for instance can attack from afar with his slingshot while Nancy can destroy breakables. Mike can stun enemies while Will can crawl through pipes. Dustin can distract enemies, Eleven can teleport while Max can throw coins.

download Stranger Things : The GameCollectibles

Another great thing you will appreciate when you download Stranger Things : The Game is the overwhelming amount of hidden items to collect. The game has so much secret items hidden on random places. Collectibles are extremely important in this game as it can help you in many levels. Collecting Eggos for instance allows you to unlock Eleven while VHS Tapes unveil clips from the Second season of Stranger Things. That particular feature however  is no longer exciting as the season 2 already concluded unless the developers will make an update and give us a hint of the third season.  Players can also collect Gnomes and return them to Larson’s garage and receive greater prizes in return.

download Stranger Things : The GameVerdict

Stranger Things : The Game is absolutely brilliant in many levels. You will certainly enjoy a nostalgic take of this game in the popular series. There are many pop culture reference in this game from the 80s and you will absolutely enjoy the retro-gaming experience in  general. If you love the series, then you will find this official game equally enticing!

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