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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size149.1 MB
Latest Version5.0.0

BitMango never failed to give us some of the most addictive block puzzles. Move The Block: Slide Puzzle is definitely an interesting addition to their list of games that you can confidently add on your mobile. As what the title of the game suggests, Move The Block: Slide Puzzle is a simple yet surprisingly challenging sliding puzzle game. Your main objective is to move the red block out of the grid that is filled with wooden blocks. It might sound easy but the game is surprisingly challenging and mind-puzzling. If you think you are skillful enough to master this game, feel free to explore Move The Block: Slide Puzzle and see what else this game has to offer.

Move the Block Slide PuzzleThe Gameplay

From easily manageable to frustratingly challenging. This is what exactly you will experience when playing Move The Block: Slide Puzzle. The mechanics are generally simple. Your main goal is nothing more but to move the red block out of the board. Each board comes with an exit portal and you must try your best to move the red block towards the exit using the least number of moves as possible. The red block, however, is obstructed by other wooden blocks. All these blocks are interactive and you can move them to give way for the red block.

Like most Sliding puzzles, you can only move the block if there is an open space adjacent to it. Depending on the block’s position, you can either move the blocks on left and right or up and down. Just be mindful that all your moves are counted and these are where your scores will be based from.  The lesser the number of moves you make, the better the rate you will receive. Each level has a suggested number of moves. Reaching the target number of moves or better yet lesser than the suggested number will guarantee you a better score. Exceeding the suggested number of moves will surely affect your rating negatively.

Move the Block Slide PuzzleChoose Your Preferred Difficulty

Interestingly, this game comes with different modes of difficulty. You can access all the modes without the need of completing the previous ones. The modes are divided into two major categories; the basic and the premium. Basic mode is composed of eight levels of difficulties including the Exercise, Beginner, Advanced, Master, Beginner Rotate, Advance Rotate, Master Rotate, and Rotate Mix. Exercise mode is definitely the easiest of them all and it comes with 24 puzzles to explore. Take note that you can only unlock the next level only if you managed to clear the previous ones.

Rotate Stages are generally the same with normal campaigns except the fact that the exit portal is located in the opposite direction. Higher stages tend to have bigger boards and they used to be filled with more wooden puzzles which make the game even more challenging and mind-twisting. It is very ideal to visualize the puzzles carefully and try to establish the most effective strategy before making any moves. If you are up for bigger challenges, you might also consider upgrading your account to premium and gain access to other stages including the Mania, Professional, Special Mix, and Extreme levels.

Move the Block Slide PuzzleStunning Rustic Theme

If in case you find it extremely hard and seemingly inescapable, you can always take advantage of the Hint features. Using hint will reveal how the puzzle should be solved. Interestingly, Hints will not affect your overall rating so feel free to use them without hesitation. Hints can be acquired in many ways. You can have them by watching reward videos or you can also get them from daily login bonuses. Interestingly, Move The Block: Slide Puzzle also comes with an Achievement system. Completing the tasks also allow you to win Free Hints.

Another interesting element of this game is the theme itself. Appearance-wise, Move The Block: Slide Puzzle is an absolute visual delight. It comes with an impressive rustic theme and is complemented with a piece of well-fitting music and audio effect which makes this game even more enjoyable. The game also allows you to replay the previous levels in an attempt to get higher ratings. This particular feature provides this game with a remarkable replay value.

Move the Block Slide PuzzleThe Verdict

Move The Block: Slide Puzzle is generally simple yet surprisingly challenging and mind-twisting puzzles. The game takes you to a series of challenging levels that will surely put your skills and knowledge on a great test. Appearance-wise, Move The Block: Slide Puzzle will treat you with impressive graphics. It comes with a wonderful rustic vibe and well-fitting music to set the mood right. Above all, the game works perfectly well even without an Internet connection. It is also very light that it won’t consume much of your storage. Currently, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing puzzle for free. Have fun!

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