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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size76 MB
Latest Version1.3.960

We’re pretty sure that you might have seen some of the infamous Mafia City ads. They’re everywhere! Most of their advertisements will feature a random guy that is suddenly promoted into a high-level boss of a Mafia world. It often shares some GTA vibes on it along with some impressive 3D visuals. Unfortunately, the ads they are currently showing are often misleading because the real gameplay is way far different from what they usually advertised. Despite the misleading ads, Mafia City is surprisingly a decent city-building game. If you are into such genre, this game is actually worth exploring. It is packed with decent visuals and it comes with a compelling story that revolves around the fictional Mafia world. Let’s take a deeper look at this game shall we?

Mafia CityThe Gameplay

Mafia City follows a very simple set of mechanics. If you have experienced playing any city or empire-building mobile games, this one works the same way. It follows the same classic city-building format where you must expand your territory by constructing buildings, upgrading them into their maximum levels, investing in various businesses and many others. The game wonderfully takes you to a fictional Mafia world similar to those secret Mafia stories that are commonly depicted in movies.  It follows a story of a Mafia leader and his war against other gangs especially the one lead by Maroni. Here in Mafia City, you play the role of the boss who mandates everything from territorial expansion to war against other organizations.

Like most city-building games, you will be spending most of your time in this game improving your city. In the entire course of the game, you will be asked to build new facilities, upgrade buildings, conduct various researches, train troops, and engage in a series of epic gang fights. We may not have that GTA vibe similar to what they advertised but the game managed to capture that classic Mafia experience. Just be mindful though that this game is not for young gamers as it features violence, dating, and some adult content that is not suitable for young audiences.

Mafia CityCreate Your Mafia World and Widen Your Influence

To become a great and effective Mafia boss, you must increase your influence and let everybody know your power. To do so, you must engage yourself in multiple mafia-related activities which will be instructed to you via quest system. Although you are free to do almost everything in the game, you still need to follow the quest to progress. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you to your virtual Mafia city that is initially consisting of basic buildings including your mansion that serves as the heart of your city (upgrading your mansion allows you to unlock more facilities). Located below the screen are five icons; the World map, the Daily Quest, Items, Mail, and Clan.

The main quests can be accessed in two different ports. The current quest will be displayed just above the lower panel. Simply tap the quest and it will take you to the right location. You can also access both the Main Quests and the Side quests by tapping the Daily icon. It features a quest log and you just have to tap on the “Go-To” to proceed. Once completed, these “go-to” buttons will change to “Claim” that allows you to receive your reward. Most of the quests will ask you to construct new buildings for additional resources. You will also be asked to upgrade them to increase your production. Like most city-building games, the initial phase of Mafia City is easily manageable. You can skip all the waiting processes and you can construct and upgrade buildings in no time. However, as you progress, the waiting time will increase exponentially and you might have to take advantage of the Speed Up items, Clan help system, or some purchasable packages from the in-game shop.

Mafia CityA Real-Time Strategy

As the Mafia boss, you are strongly encouraged to widen your influence. It can be done not just by expanding your Mafia turf but also by forming various allies. This is where the multiplayer element of Mafia City comes it. In this game, you will be asked to join a Clan. Just like in Godfather movies, your clan members are considered as your brothers. You are there to help each other in various ways. Simply tap the Clan icon and apply to any existing clans. Once accepted, you may now participate in various clan activities and enjoy some of its advantages. One of which is the so-called “Clan Help”. This allows you to request help from your active clan members to expedite the process of construction or skip the waiting time when performing upgrades.

You can also participate in epic Clan battles or accomplish some Clan Collaboration Tasks. There is also a Clan Kickback, Clan Contribute, and even an exclusive Clan Store to take advantage of. Players can also access the World map and explore other territories. You can scout for resources, fight against a squad of goons, attack nearby cities, and many others. Other noteworthy features of the game include a lapidary system that allows you to generate gems, an investment system to generate more income, researches to learn more activities, and a dating system that allows you to interact with some sexy (or sometimes seductive) ladies. You can even own many luxury cars to impress your friends.

Mafia CityThe Verdict

Despite the misleading campaign that according to YottaGames (the developer) is created by a third party ad company they are cooperating with, Mafia City is a decent city-building mobile game compared to other leading games that fall into the same category. It is simple yet surprisingly addictive. The game managed to capture the fictional Mafia world that we know. Appearance-wise, we may not be treated with 3D graphics similar to that GTA-inspired advertisement but the game is still a visual delight. It is adorned with wonderful visuals and impressive character designs. To top it all, the game comes with a great story progression that makes Mafia City worth exploring. Currently, Mafia City is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Good luck!

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