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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
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Latest Version1.3.3

Simple, fun and absolutely challenging. I guess this is how you can perfectly describe the game Rise Up by Serkan Ozyilmaz. It is currently the only game by Serkan yet the response is simply overwhelming and has become one of the most downloaded games of 2018. The main objective is simple and as what the title suggests, the goal is to help the balloon rise up and protect it from being hit at all cost. It sounds simple indeed but the game itself is undeniably tricky and challenging. If you think you have the skills to master this game effectively, feel free to download Rise Up and see how far you can go.

Rise UpThe Gameplay

Rise Up is generally simple in all aspects. Appearance wise, the game is presented in a very simple graphics similar to what we commonly see from VooDoo and Ketchapp. Basically, all you can see from the upscrolling screen are random geometical shapes and lines. The mechanics are simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game begins, it will prompt you into an Upscrolling screen. The moment you tap your finger on the screen, the balloon will automatically rise up.

Take note that you cannot manipulate the movement of the balloon. It goes up in one direction which is definitely beyond your control. However, you can always move the circle icon (also known as the Protector) on top of the balloon to move or to bounce back all the upcoming obstacles. You are given with one specific rule and that is to prevent all the obstacles from hitting the balloon. Otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start back from the very beginning.

Rise UpOne Finger Control and Dynamically Changing Levels

The game control for Rise Up is equally simple. It features a one finger control system and as what the term suggests, this game can be played using only a finger to swipe or to tap the screen. As the balloon rises up, you will encounter obstacles along the way. You can interact with all the obstacles on the screen and you are free to push them to any direction you want. Just be careful of pushing them in great force as the objects tend to bounce back from the wall and it might put the balloon in danger.

Another great element in this game is the fact that you will be dealing with a dynamically changing stage. The obstacles and the settings are changing for each attempt which gives Rise Up a remarkable replay value and impressive longevity. Speaking of longevity, the game claims that only 1% of the users were able to reach the level 1000 which clearly defines how difficult the game is. Some levels are seemingly inescapable.

Rise UpUnlock Skins and Explore Challenges

Rise Up also features some unlockable contents such as the interchangeable skins. Interestingly, the game has no virtual currencies or coins to collect but you can unlock skins by reaching certain points. Some Balloons can be unlocked when you have scored 1000 points. You can also unlock some by playing the game in certain number of times. Some are also part of the game’s premium content as part of its microtransaction.

Rise Up is generally consider as an endless running game but you can also play the game in a different campaign. Challenges is done in a level by level basis in which stages are increasing exponentially. Therefore, the higher the level you reach, the more stages to conquer. The game also comes with a leaderboard system and also a special mode called Special Missions which are available only in Premium account.


Overall, Rise Up is simple yet undeniably tricky and challenging that surely put your skills on a test. It has a remarkable replay value and longevity. The unlockable skins even made it more engaging to play. Generally, if you are looking for a simple mobile game with a decent challenge, Rise Up is a perfect fit. Currently, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download Rise Up for Free. Good luck and have fun!

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