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PublisherBlizzard Entertainment, Inc.
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size38 MB
Latest Version12.0.25787

Well, if it isn’t one of the most popular companies of this current gaming generation? Ever since the whole World of Warcraft thing, Blizzard has been making a ton of bank. The success stories have been clear and oh so popular this day and age. Between that and the recent Overwatch game they’ve got going on, Blizzard have been keeping themselves heavily busy within the arms of Activision. I can’t say I’ve been a fan of their merger, but I digress. What we’re looking at here is a video card game they’ve created for the mobile market. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Hearthstone for Google Play.

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Yeah, I dunno if a card game was really something people have been clamoring from the likes of Blizzard, but it’s here. It’s here for players to experience on their phones. Still, they’ve managed to play it up like a big release in its descriptions. With a myriad of cards to choose from, and all sorts of strategies you can execute at your grasp, Hearthstone is a promising little game indeed. I’d be lying if I said it was slacking on the kinds of content it’s to offer. In fact, there’s actually a ton to play around with here. Even I was surprised when I came across the many features within the title. It’s a very busy game that manages to be simple to pick up and play. Definitely not an expected approach from Blizzard, I ought to say.

There are a good amount of different ways Hearthstone could be played, as well. From the vast amounts of missions available for a solo player to the competitive player vs. player battles that occur in real time, there’s a heck of a lot to enjoy in this game. That’s without even going into the sheer variety of the cards people get to use in battle. They even manage to bring in all kinds of heroes from the Warcraft universe to take part in the game. That is some pretty neat fanservice, I will say. Even without it, it works well because of how well they build off of one another.

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So should you pick up and download Hearthstone for your mobile device? Yeah, I would in fact say so. It is certainly no slouch in the features it has to offer for a card game, and it manages to pull off everything in a rather remarkable fashion. It is not without some things that could be fixed. The depth can be almost too overwhelming for players to bear at times, and updates can be a bit of a pain to deal with. Nevertheless, Hearthstone is exactly the kind of game you could hope for when it comes to a big company like Blizzard taking the helm. Give it a shot and see what you may think. I mean, I would say they did pretty well for a company linked to Activision, anyway.

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