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Whether you are paying for your bills or shopping for your favorite apparel, we cannot deny the fact that most people are diverting to online platforms to perform their daily transactions. It is not really surprising for companies to expand their businesses online to attract more buyers. Walmart and its Walmart Grocery mobile app are not different. The Walmart Grocery app is a new and more convenient way to do your shopping with Walmart. The app generally allows you to shop for your favorite grocery items and have them picked up or be delivered to your home in no time. If you are an avid Walmart shopper, then this app is definitely something you must have on your mobile.

Walmart GroceryHow it Works

Walmart Grocery is an easy-to-use app. Simply look for the Walmart Grocery app on AppStore or Google Play Store. Download the app and it will prompt you to the sign-in page. Please be mindful that this app requires users to have a Walmart account. If you have an existing Walmart account via, you can use your login details to access the app. If not, you can sign up through the app itself. After logging in, you will now be asked to pick your location. Simply select your preferred Walmart pickup location. Once done, you may now reserve your timeslot. This will show the day and time that are available for you to pick up your groceries. Just take note that every Walmart timeslot will vary depending on your selected location.

If you are an avid Walmart shopper, there is also a portion of this app that allows you to save your favorite items. These are the items that you regularly purchase from Walmart. All the items you liked (heart) will be listed to your Favorites which you can all access on a separate tab. Similar to how you shop on the real store, all items in Walmart Grocery apps are sorted in different categories which are referred here as “departments”. Simply tap the department icon below the screen and you can now browse items by department. You can also use the app’s standard search function by simply typing the name of the product on the search bar located on the uppermost portion of the app.

Walmart GroceryEasy Pick Up or Deliver

After selecting the item you need, simply tap the “Add +” button and adjust the quantity of the products using the plus and minus icons. When the item is added on the cart, you can view the accumulated price of all the products you have added. Keep in mind that there is a threshold of $30 minimum to avail the service for free and in order to check out. Tap the Check out button and input your preferred payment method. Now, before placing the final order, the app will offer you a substitution in case the item you have listed is not available for pickup. After reviewing and confirming your order, the customer will receive an email containing all the details along with the instructions on how you can pick up your order.

The app will also determine the current status of your order. They will indicate if they are currently preparing the items or if they are now ready to pick up. Tap the Check-in button from the app to tell them that you are now on your way to pick up the items. Walmart will have their designated pickup location and you just have to follow all the instructions given to you for a smooth and quick transaction. Now if you are lucky enough, some stores are offering delivery services. It follows the same process but instead of picking up the items on Walmart, the items will be delivered to your doorstep.

Walmart GroceryThe Verdict

Now that we are in the midst of crisis due to coronavirus outbreak and going outside especially on overly crowded places like groceries can be very risky, the Walmart Grocery pick up and delivery features can be extremely handy. The app comes with a simple interface and users can navigate and browse items with no ease. It is also interesting that they have added Favorites feature for easy access and faster transactions. If you are an avid Walmart shopper, it is definitely something you must add on your device. Currently, Walmart Grocery is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this useful shopping app absolutely for free. Cheers!

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