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Your phone is probably one of the things you cannot live without. With so many useful benefits you can get from such a device, it is safe to consider that it has become one of our basic necessities. Interestingly, most people would say that the phone often reflects the personality of the owner and we could not agree more. With an app like Zedge, you can give your phone a unique personality it deserves. You can always look for an engaging theme or a catchy ringtone that will instantly reflect your personality. With over 200 million active users and still counting, it is undeniable that Zedge is one the most trusted and most popular personalization app in the market today.

ZedgeHuge Collection of Colorful Wallpapers

Zedge will not be on top of its game for no reason. One of the key elements offered by this app is the huge collection of colorful and interactive wallpapers to choose from. The app comes with a very user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand customization process. You can customize your phone and achieve your desired look in just a few taps. Zedge offers millions of available Wallpapers for its users. It comes with a wide range of themes that will suit everyone’s taste. Users can search millions of custom-sized backgrounds to match their phone’s home screen or lock screen.

As soon as you download Zedge, it prompts you right away to the main screen where you choose any of the available wallpapers. You can customize or filter the results or better yet tap your preferred category and look for the wallpaper that fits your taste. . The app also comes with regularly updated themed collections where you can find HD wallpapers featuring some of your favorite movies, tv shows, cartoons, and even sports events.

ZedgeMoving Wallpapers, Wonderful Ringtones, and Notifications

You can step up your design to another level by picking some interactive and moving wallpapers. Zedge offers live and moving wallpapers which all come in high definition. Users also have the option to customize the wallpapers through the app’s built-in Cropper Tool. This allows them to adjust the size of the image to perfectly fit on your phone’s home screen or lock screen. Interestingly, Zedge is more than just your ultimate source of colorful wallpapers, you can also use this app to customize and personalize your ringtone.

Aside from the huge collection of HD wallpapers, users who download Zedge can also enjoy the tons of High-quality Ringtones. Users can get access to Zedge’s huge library and they can freely browse over millions of catchy ringtones, notification sounds, and alarms. Much like the wallpapers, the ringtones are also sorted based on different categories. Simply pick the one that matches your taste and apply it to your mobile. You can also customize ringtones and set different tones for every friend and family member who will contact you.

ZedgePremium Account, Save Features, and Game Suggestions

Zedge indeed has so many great features to offer but if you want to access more, you can simply upgrade your account to Premium. Upgrading your account to Premium allows you to access their special contents and wallpapers that are designed by talented artists. . Since the collection is huge, the app also added a Save Feature which allows you to compile all your personal favorites into one page. This also allows you top switch back to your previously used wallpapers and ringtones.

Speaking of Save features, this app also allows you to create your own login details so you can access your account using any device. There is also a page that provides you with tons of amazing game suggestions. This prompts you to a page that displays all the available games that you can download for your mobile.

The Verdict

Zedge is indeed a very useful tool and a must-have for your mobile phone. Give your device a unique personality by customizing the themes (wallpapers for both Lockscreen and Homescreen), ringtones and alarms (notifications). The app is also constantly and regularly updated which gives you even wider options to choose from. Not to mention those limited edition Holiday Wallpapers for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and many more. Best of all, these wallpapers and ringtones are available for free. Some are purchasable via Zedge Credits while others can be obtained for free by watching rewarded videos. Zedge is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing app for free.

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