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Traveling around the world is definitely everybody’s dream. It would be an exciting experience to explore one country after another. This experience, however, is not easily obtainable as it requires a lot of time and fortune to fulfill such goal. We may not be able to explore the world physically but we can always get the same amazing experience virtually using the app like Google Earth. Google Earth features a 3D representation of the earth based on satellite imagery. This app wonderfully takes you to whatever place you want in just a few swipes. You can never tell what else you can discover using this amazing app.

Google EarthExplore The World

Google Earth’s main purpose is nothing more but to let the user explore the world using its 3D virtual representation. You can move from one continent to another in just few swipes and taps. Take note that this is more than just a simple virtual representation! Google Earth comes with interactive features that allow you to dig deeper and explore places more extensively. It will not just show you the actual satellite imagery but also provides relevant information about them which makes this app extremely educational.

As you download the app, it prompts you right away to the virtual and interactive 3D board. You can zoom in or zoom out the globe until you get the right imagery. There are many ways to explore Google Earth and you can do so by simply tapping their respective icons. You can manually search a specific place using its Search features or you can Roll the dice and let the app take you to random and surprising locations in the Earth. Google Earth users can also take advantage of the Voyager which gives you more fun and entertaining ways to explore the virtual world.

Google EarthTake The Helm with Voyager

Voyager is one of the unique features of Google Earth which aims not just to take you in various places but also to learn more about them in terms of their rich history, culture, and many other interesting information that you are probably not aware of. To access the Voyager, simply tap the small ship’s wheel icon on top of the main screen. This prompts you to a new page which is sorted in various categories such as Editor’s Pick, Games, Layers, Street View, Nature, Culture, Travel, and Education. Tap your preferred category and it takes you to various places that you might want to explore.

Games is a section that features quizzes and interesting trivia. It even features Carmen Sandiego which will take you to a role-playing simulation with a mission to find Carmen in random locations. The Layers will give you unique satellite imagery including current hurricanes and tropical storms and even their aftermath. Street View, as what the title suggests, allows you to explore places using the satellite images taken by Google Street View. If you are fascinated by Nature, you can tap the Nature category and explore various national parks worldwide.

Google EarthRoll The Dice and Map Style

There are many ways to explore places using Google Earth. If you are targetting a specific area or country, you can simply use the Search feature and input the place you want to explore. As mentioned above, you can also take advantage of the Voyager and explore places and learn different useful information about them. Interestingly, you can also explore places randomly. The Feeling Lucky feature allows you to roll the dice and let the Google Earth take you to random places. It could be a remote island, an unspoiled forest or a city that you are not familiar of.

You can also configure the map style based on your very own preferences. You can explore the map without borders or labels on roads, turn on 3D buildings for greater viewing experience, turn on animated clouds, and many others. Users can also check the distance between one place to another similar to how Google Map works.

The Verdict

Fun, intriguing and undeniably educational! I guess that is how you can perfectly describe Google Earth. If you are fascinated with geography or you want to learn something new about a certain place or country, this app surely fits your taste. It is simple and very easy to use and it comes with many great features like Voyager that gives you more reasons to include this app on your device. Currently, Google Earth is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this app absolutely for free.

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