Thief Simulator review – A Thievin’ Good Time

PlatformsPC, Switch
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Thief Simulator somehow manages to steal elements from a hundred different games and still produce a product that’s entirely unique.

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Case out a house before deciding how you want to rob it.

Thief Simulator is exactly what its name suggests. It’s a unique twist on the stealth-action genre that puts you in the shoes of a thief slowly working your way up the criminal ladder. It’s a peculiar mashing of about a million different gameplay mechanics that somehow melds into a cohesive and enjoyable whole. There’s a bit of Grand Theft Auto in there, a dash of Splinter Cell, even some Rainbow Six and the developers deserve some praise for making them work together as well as they do.

In Thief Simulator you’re a small-time criminal with a big debt owed to the Lombard family. The Lombards are rich and powerful and they want their money back. Fortunately, they’ll let you earn it back by performing the odd job here and there, steal this painting, knick that television – whatever it takes to get them their money. If you think this game Thief Simulator is a fairly easy game, you are wrong this game is quite complex and of course we will explain what interesting features are in this Thief Simulator game.

At the beginning of the game, we can choose the target house that we will enter, to steal of course. We can choose the target through a PC and a special forum for thieves (even thieves have a forum?) That will show details and how much profit can be obtained when stealing in the house. Thief Simulator also has progress, where some items at our headquarters can be used after completing several missions. Stolen items can also be sold on the “blackbay” site (essentially the eBay for stolen goods) even old radios, newspapers and televisions can be sold.

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You can invest in advanced tools that let you get better information about your targets.

Our character also has a skill tree, pretty cool, a thief who can hone his skills in stealing. We can practice our unlocking skills at the base, maybe a little bit similar to fall out and splinter cells. Open the safe, the snooping window will all be in the Thief Simulator game. Choosing a target also must be very careful, you will not want to choose a target home with many security systems without more sophisticated tools.

Yes, we can have a hacking tool, we can buy useful items in the pawnshop, of course, to help the mission. Surveillance will be useful as information when the occupants will be at home or what security devices are in the house. Of course, theft, when the occupants are at home, will be at high risk. We can also steal cars, and the cool thing is we will be able to disassemble and sell the engine to the car separately. For jewelry like that, we also have to disassemble the jewelry to make it easier to sell, as in the real world.

One more cool thing we can hack from communication to the camera, the door with a digital lock. We also can not carry items that are too heavy, so it would be very unreasonable to be able to bring a refrigerator while settling in someone’s yard.

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Lockpicking can be intense.

The difficulty level of the Thief Simulator game is quite difficult, some houses will have security cameras, security sensors on the window to motion sensors so we have to be very careful in choosing targets. Many other things that might be too long to explain you should try this game to see all the content in it.

The image quality in the Thief Simulator game can be said to be good, simulator-themed games are usually very rare that have good graphics because it focuses on gameplay and most simulator games are made by small game studios.

The Verdict
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Thief Simulator is a game that keeps you interested through its variety. Every mission you take on plays differently than the last and the tools you bring along can greatly influence how a job plays out. It's also a game that's benefited greatly from the extra time since release thanks to the changes made in recent updates that add new content and fix a lot of the bugs. The developers also seem dedicated to improving the experience and given their track record with patches we're giving them the benefit of the doubt. This game is quite fun but also quite difficult and certainly the experience of feeling a thief will feel very real.

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