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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.4.39

Line puzzle games are becoming extremely popular nowadays. They are generally simple, fun and undeniably addictive. BitMango, the publisher behind successful games like Roll The Ball and various Word Puzzles recently launch another exciting game. Line Puzzle: String Art will feature the classic line puzzle we all love but with an interesting twist. As what the title of the game suggests, instead of the classic lines, you will be dealing with virtual strings. The goal is simple. Connect and weave lines and match it on the given pattern. If you think you are skillful enough to master this game, feel free to explore Line Puzzle: String Art and see how far you can go.

Line Puzzle String ArtThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are super simple and absolutely manageable. If you have played puzzles like One Touch Drawing, then you should know how exactly Line Puzzle: String Art works. As soon as the game begins, it will prompt you right away to the very first puzzle. Take note that Line Puzzle: String Art will take you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulty. As the game starts, the game field will showcase the grid with strings and the pattern you need to match.

To start, simply tap the string and drag it to any holes or points on the wooden panel. The default strings are attached via nails. Be mindful that nails cannot be moved but the strings can be stretched in any length as long as there is a hole to attach it with. It is also important to note that lines cannot be overlapped. You cannot place the same string on the same hole. Therefore, you must visualize the puzzle carefully before making any moves, otherwise, you will have no other option but to Restart and play the same level back from the very beginning.

Line Puzzle String ArtSimple Yet Tricky

Line Puzzle: String Art offers simple yet surprisingly tricky puzzles. The first levels might be manageable but the later parts are absolutely mind twisting. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress which makes the game more challenging and more thrilling at the same time. The patterns will eventually become more complicated as you progress. Some levels only require a single or two moves but others will take three or more adjustments in order to copy the right pattern.

Take note that Line Puzzle: String Art comes with many packages and you can explore more than 1000 levels. Basic Packages can be unlocked through Stars and same thing goes with 6×6 Mode and 2 Color Mode. Premium Packages, however, are part of the game’s microtransaction where you need to pay real money to unlock them. If you have not earned enough stars and yet eager to unlock the other packages, you can also pay real money instead.

Line Puzzle String ArtStars and Customizable Items

Another interesting element of the Line Puzzle: String Art is the Star rate system. Each level allows you to earn up to 3 Stars which will depend on your time of completion and the number of mistakes you made. Therefore, early completion plays a very important role in this game. Although the game is not being timed, mistakes and time lapsed are still important to pay attention to. The star system also provides the game with an impressive replay value.

The stars you earned will be accumulated and can be used to unlock more packages. Skins can also be customized but most of them are seasonal offers. Items like the strings, nails and the board can be customized. You can also avail a skin set or win them by watching rewarded videos. You can also take advantage of the Daily Puzzle to win prizes in form of Stars and Hints. Speaking of which, you can always use Hints in case you are having a hard time solving a puzzle.

The Verdict

Simple, fun and absolutely entertaining. Line Puzzle: String Art is undeniably addictive. It offers a decent amount of challenge that will put your skills and knowledge on a great test. To top it all, this game works well even without Internet Connection. It also comes with an Achievement and Leaderboard system. Currently, Line Puzzle: String Art is available on both Android and iOS devices and you can download the game for Free. Good luck!

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