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There is no better thing you can do when you are staying at home other than entertaining yourself with some of the greatest movies and tv shows. Luckily, we now have many options and many platforms to choose from. Many online streaming services allow us to watch some amazing series and movies through our mobile devices. We can also embrace the benefits we get from Smart TVs that allow us to put our watching experience up to another entertaining level. Roku is one of the most popular devices to make this kind of streaming possible. There are three major ways to enjoy Roku services; you either need to have a Roku Box, a Roku Streaming Stick, or purchase a Roku TV.

Roku AppLevel Up your Streaming Experience

Roku is definitely your best streaming companion. Similar to devices like Chromecast or Alexa, Roku works the same way. To take full control of your Roku devices, you have to download an exclusive Roku app which you can get from both AppStore and Google PlayStore for free. Configuring Roku and the Roku app will be slightly different depending on the Roku device you are using. Roku Box is basically a standalone box that you can connect to your broadband router via Ethernet or Wifi connection while Roku Streaming Stick is a plug-and-play device that is slightly larger than a USB flash drive. You can plug this device to an available HDMI input your TV or home theater receiver.

A Roku TV, on the other hand, is an all-in-one solution that does not require the connection of an external box or stick to access internet streaming content as the tv already has a built-in OS to it. Simply connect the TV to your Broadband router to enjoy all its streaming features. Regardless of Roku devices you are using, you only need the same Roku app.  Interestingly, this comes with a Voice Search and Private Listening features that every user will enjoy. The app itself allows you to take full control of your Roku devices using only your phone.

Roku AppPrivate Listening and Share Features

Having a Roku Device and its app have many interesting benefits.  First of all, the app itself is literally transforming your mobile device as a remote. Once you have configured the setting correctly and synching all your Roku devices on the app, you can have full control of almost anything in just a few taps. Roku app provides Voice Search, as well as duplicating several menu categories that are a part of the main Roku TV onscreen menu system, allowing you to control Roku devices directly from your phone. It also controls both internet streaming and TV functions, such as input selection, OTA channel scanning, and both picture and audio settings.

To top it all, Users can also enjoy the Private Listening feature using the Roku App. You can now listen to how much loud you want without disturbing anyone at home or even your neighbor. With Private Listening, you can stream your favorite movie and Tv shows on either your Roku TV or any available smart TV and use your smartphone’s earphones instead of your home speaker. You can also use a smartphone or tablet to send videos and photos from the phone to a Roku box, streaming stick, and see them on your TV, or directly from the phone to a Roku TV. Although Roku serves as a gateway to thousands of internet streaming services and channels, it also offers free movies and TV shows along with live news and sports on its own Roku Channel without having to log in. This channel includes paid content from HBO, Starz, and other select services.

Roku AppThe Verdict

Now that everyone is strongly encouraged to stay at home due to the Covid19 outbreak, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of the perks and benefits you can get from your Roku device and the Roku app that comes along with it. If you love watching movies and tv series using some notable streaming service providers, having a Roku device at home is surely a great deal. You can literally transform your smartphone into your very own remote and take full control of the Roku features. Private Listening is also an interesting feature. If you already have a Roku device or if you are planning to buy one, make sure to download the Roku app which is now available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download it absolutely for free. Have fun!

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