STACS: Implementing a Scalable Access Management Solution using Amazon Cognito and API Gateway

In celebration of Earth Day 2021, STACS co-hosted a Green FinTech panel at Bridge+ 79 Robinson Road in partnership with Tribe Accelerator, Alibaba Cloud, and enabled by flexible workspace Bridge+ by CapitaLand. STACS is featured in the May 2021 The World Economic Forum report, as one of the few live DLT platforms for effective Trade Lifecycle Management for the financial industry. In celebration of the upcoming sixth anniversary of enterprise blockchain, STACS hosted a global industry panel with The ValueExchange on 7 July, with esteemed speakers from the Singapore FinTech Association, and the Union Bank of the Philippines. As a partner of Summation Programme by SGInnovate and aligned with our commitment to support Deep Tech literacy in Blockchain, we seek to build strong talents in the industry. Putting the spotlight on our Blockchain Engineer Intern, meet Loh Yih Hang, who shares his story on how he rides on the digital waves to upskill himself for his future tech career that propels a sustainable future, and the invaluable advice for fellow budding engineers.

  • CO2X Pte Ltd (“CO2X”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with key industry and association leaders from the Transport and Logistics, and Finance sectors.
  • Additionally, banks, stock exchanges, broker-dealers, and funds are encouraged to join as Verified Partners to gain access to immense cost savings and new revenue streams.
  • Learn how existing digital tools and programs can streamline the setting and measurement of Sustainability Performance Targets, helping SMEs get started on sustainability and making it easier for banks to extend SLLs to businesses more efficiently.

In order to assist, STACS provides a number of tools to assist with reducing the number of false positives which make it into final reports. Using the published images, STACS can be used to scan artifacts right away! The STACS Docker images provides a number of volume mounts for files wanted to be scanned to be mounted directly into the scan container. As per the aforementioned requirement [SR2] we require fine grained access control on a per user basis, and it wasn’t sufficient to just rely on scopes or claims in the access tokens. Instead, we wanted to keep an up-to-date record of various users and their entitlements. On successful authentication, Cognito issues an id token, access token, and a refresh token to the client.

What Is Stacks? Features and Tokenomics

CO2X Pte Ltd (“CO2X”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with key industry and association leaders from the Transport and Logistics, and Finance sectors. Citadines Bali will be the first hotel in Bali to adopt digital tools to track emissions from its operations, which can be replicated to enable other hotels or buildings who are transforming to be more sustainable by utilising holistic ESG data and digital tools. The partnership involves the technical integration of EnOSTM, Envision Digital’s net zero platform for decarbonisation to the ESGpedia digital registry, which powers the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (‘MAS’) Project Greenprint.

The token page shows information such as price, total supply, holders, transfers and social links. Swap tokens across various L1 and L2 networks seamlessly and manage your web3 everything, all in one place. End August, Green and Sustainable finance investments, banking, and fintech were some of the important themes that brought together a distinguished panel of speakers alongside our own Co-founder & Managing Director, Benjamin Soh. The second edition of STACS Showcase, a celebratory and collaborative fintech event, happened during the week of Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) earlier this month, 8 – 12 Nov, as a digital event. STACS ESG Finance Research | It’s clear that governments, institutions, investors, and consumers are all aligned on the need for sustainability to be at the heart of how we live, play, work, invest, shop, and travel.

GAIL 2023: What’s the best way to drive global decarbonisation & sustainability for businesses?

Everywhere, businesses of all sizes – from neighbourhood mom-and-pop shops to large corporates like BlackRock – are recognising the significance of sustainability as a core consideration for long-term economic success. The cooperation centres around the usage of STACS’ ESGpedia digital registry, which powers the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (‘MAS’) Project Greenprint. A pilot phase of the cooperation is underway, where Manulife Investment Management seeks to pilot innovative investment monitoring techniques for sustainable investments. For companies looking to offset their energy sources, RECs are an alternative way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and cut GHG emissions.

ESGpedia launch event with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and key partners

The release will also include a decentralized Bitcoin peg called sBTC, and atomic BTC swaps and assets owned by BTC addresses. Moreover, its secure programming language called Clarity allows for reading and writing Bitcoin state. STACS, a Singapore FinTech company focusing on Blockchain technology solutions for financial institutions, announced its partnership with EFG Bank to co-develop a Blockchain platform that will enhance and simplify the processes of structured products. Ray Ferguson, the former CEO of Standard Chartered Singapore, has joined homegrown fintech start-up, STACS, a leading Singapore-headquartered fintech development company providing transformative technology to the financial services sector, as Chairman. The launch of the Greenprint ESG Registry, a common ESG data platform for all companies in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and STACS, is a monumental step forward for Singapore in the sustainability space. As 2021 draws to a close, we reflect on Singapore’s status as the leading Green FinTech Hub in Asia, and what makes the country a pioneer in leveraging technology and data to enable Sustainable Finance.

The Future of Real Estate: How Sustainable Green Building Is Changing The Industry

Please be aware that in order to annotate pull requests with comments, the action must
also be granted write permissions to pull-requests. This can be done by adding the
following to the respective job in your Github actions pipeline. In this example the
binaries/ sub-directory contains binary objects, compiled for release by another step
of a Github actions pipeline. If the credential is found inside of an archive, in a part of a file not modified by the
pull request, then a regular comment will be added to the triggering pull request. The STACS Github integration will even check the pull request to see whether there is
an existing comment for this finding, preventing multiple comments being added to the
same pull request on subsequent commits. However, there are plans for a hosted version of STACS which can be easily
integrated into existing build systems, and which contains additional prebuilt rule
packs and ignore lists.

Bamboo Capital partners ESGpedia to support corporate sustainability and ESG reporting for businesses in Vietnam

Amongst the seven companies selected, STACS spearheads ESG fintech by enabling enhanced ESG finance and high quality carbon credits. Together with Mastercard, STACS will seek to expand and accelerate innovation around digital asset technology and make it safer and easier for institutions to adopt blockchain technology. Powering the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Project Greenprint, ESGpedia aims to improve sustainability data quality to support more effective sustainable finance. ESGpedia aggregates, records, and maintains the provenance of holistic and forward-looking ESG certifications and data of companies across various sectors and global verified sources on a single registry.

Singlife will leverage CO2X’s data tracking and analytics capabilities to publish policyholders’ sustainability reports on ESGpedia, which tracks data including fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and carbon intensity. Using this information obtained with consent from insurance policyholders, Singlife will be able to efficiently develop and better structure new motor insurance policies by accurately assessing and monitoring environmental impact and costs. Why should businesses pursue sustainability certifications and which certifications are best suited for each industry? The digitalised and simplified self-assessment lowers the barriers to sustainability for corporates and SMEs, accelerating climate action in Asia. Read on for key takeaways and how your business can attain the ESBN Green Deal badge to showcase its commitment to sustainability. Sustainability-Linked Loans reached $350 billion in the first half of 2020 in U.S.

The full suite of ESG solutions – ESGpedia, Vetta smart contract platform, and ESG Playbooks – aims to enable effective Sustainable Finance. In collaboration with International Accreditation Forum & Quality Trade, ESGpedia is today helping corporates manage supply chain sustainability by ensuring that suppliers hold accredited ISO certifications. While Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises play a pivotal role in the Indonesia economy, many of them lack the expertise and resources to start on sustainability. In a strategic move that promises to catalyse the growth of MSMEs while advancing sustainability efforts, Funding Societies, also known as Modalku in Indonesia, will be utilizing STACS’s ESGpedia platform to support their ecosystem of MSMEs on their ESG journey. Read how we have scaled sustainability across Asia in the past year, from our partnerships across the region, global award wins, and upgrades to ESGpedia platform to provide a dual approach through Nexus and Intelligence.