Waze vs Google Maps Best Navigation App in 2022

Waze Vs Google Maps

Google Maps is the most used navigation app in the United States, providing reliable data and logical routes for almost every trip, whether you have an Internet connection or not. Because of the social features, Waze offers better routes to avoid traffic and potholes . This is a great feature if you’re traveling abroad and don’t have an international data plan. If your smartphone has a limited data plan, Google Maps is the right Waze Vs Google Maps choice thanks to its reliable offline maps. Waze also allows users to report where local speed cameras are located, so you can make sure you’re within the legal speed limit before you find one. The platform is best known for its highly collaborative approach, as it leverages community input about its users’ road conditions. Pins will pop up on the screen that the user is using for directions to highlight a business nearby.

  • The latter does not require drivers to take their eyes off the road, which is a great feature for safety and efficiency.
  • An arrow can easily direct users to the business since it will always be nearby.
  • Not only more people complain about the app crashing for Waze, the impact on the overall score is greater for this app.
  • Both Waze and Google Maps have a different interface, and each one caters to a different audience.

This means that you can request the ride or take a ride without no leaving the main page of the application. Both Waze and Google Maps provide information about speed cameras on route and notify you in advance so you can adjust your speed. Waze alerts you before entering a speed camera zone and, as you approach an area that has a speed camera, an alert appears on the left side of your screen. Sound alerts can be disabled in Google Maps, but notifications on the screen will always continue to appear. Both apps are customisable, though it appears Waze offers a higher and better level of personalisation.

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As for other things, both apps support iOS and Android devices. Ultimately, both Waze and Google Maps share the same purpose – to get you from point A to B.

Waze Vs Google Maps

That’s not a surprise, since Waze’s promise is to deliver exactly that. 2.3% of Google Maps reviews said that the app was easy to use whereas 3.2% of Waze reviews said the same.


Waze was initially aimed at early adopters of technology who chose an elegant and well-designed user interface to get them on board. It also supports walking, cycling, and even public transport directions. Although apps fall under the browsing category, users can easily tell them apart.

By default, Siri will open up Apple Maps instead of Waze, so be sure to specify if you want to get directions from Waze. It’s not something one can consider a downside, though, meaning the two apps provide a similar experience. The interface is the first significant difference between the two. Although both Waze and Google Maps are owned by Google, they take a much different approach to the app design. Google Maps provides users with loads of information from the very moment they open the app, whereas the Waze interface is much more minimalistic. You can keep tabs on upcoming road conditions if you pay attention to what Google Maps has on screen, but it’s up to you to select those alternate routes if they’re ever available. Google Maps will not automatically send you down a different path the same way Waze does.

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Waze does not just concentrate on driving but also on other aspects of the journey. The latest updates have included features for Google Assistant and Siri . Additionally, you can select among a wide range of voice-overs to help you on your journey and use Waze’s carpool function to organize carpools for rides or locate companions. It features a motorcycle mode and the ability to listen to songs from apps such as Spotify and podcasts by connecting these services to Waze and then playing them on the application. In the past, we had to search through our luggage and take an in-depth look at the map on paper, all while driving. Apart from the hassle and fumbling around, isn’t it risky when we do this?

Waze Vs Google Maps

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Interface design is essential in understanding how an app gets its users hooked. Waze and Google Maps are from the same company, but their user interface is pretty different. One takes a more minimal but fun approach, and the other takes a more well, cluttered approach. As you can see then, the differences between Waze and Google Maps are relatively subtle. To decide which one is better, we need to take a deeper dive into how both apps perform and what kind of experience they offer. Waze is very limited by comparison, only offering navigation for motorists. And yet it’s able to offer a service that Google Maps can’t match, which is pretty damn weird considering how long it’s been part of the Google family.

  • In the event of defining a time for arrival, the application will be responsible for calculating the time of departure and the time being communicated to the user once the time arrives.
  • Well, as covered, despite both being navigation apps, Waze and Google Maps are dedicated for various purposes.
  • Google MapsWazeWhen we started using Waze, there was one constant thought – we could not believe we could have fun using a navigation app on our phones.
  • I just want instructions to get from A to B but the clincher for me was Waze’s ability to save the planned journey for future use, be it the following day or whatever.
  • Perhaps because of this, Waze also features some customizable settings including asking it to avoid unpaved roads or difficult intersections.
  • Bad puns apart, here’s the truth – we cannot recommend Waze as a standalone application.