Master’s degrees are awarded in European History.

"Thompson was keen to highlight the role of the ordinary working people as the most important factor in the process of historical development. Master’s degrees are awarded in European History. By doing this, he sought to emphasize the essential worth of the people who are the ones who make (and have created) history. "I am seeking" the author wrote in a well-known passage, ‘to save the poor stocker as well as the Luddite cropper as well as that "obsolete" handloom weavers, the "utopian" maker and even the foolish fan from Joanna Souott, from the immense snarkiness of history." Master’s diplomas in European History focus on the legacy as well as the ideas and identities that define European states and inhabitants. The book was the most renowned, because Thompson tried to discover and expose the tensions and conflicts that contributed to the making of history. Some classes will concentrate on specific regions, periods, or concepts. This is quite different from the dominant view of history , which portrays whole communities as passive, unaffected subjects who are being unaffected by the discussions and conflicts that shaped their times. Others will offer a more broad view of understanding the History of Europe: asking what this region did to shape the present world (or in the event that it did).

It is impossible to objectively judge the history of the past. The postgraduate specializations that are available in this area are Modern European History, European Politics and Culture or courses that focus on specific regions, such as Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic or the Mediterranean. The writing of history is always based on some theoretical or ideological viewpoints.

Why should you study the Masters on European History? A critique on the development of capitalism by an Marxist will be very different from that of the neoliberal economist. For the majority the duration of European History, the history of Europe was thought of as being a part of the wider issue of History itself. Both would have subscribed to a set or principles beforehand that would have dictated the methodological and theoretical strategy to be followed and even the issues that are asked. The perception of this bias could have changed to a certain extent in the present however it’s not a fact that the majority of the highly debated and often discussed issues in History have to do with European countries, peoples , and the events of. Furthermore, it is beneficial to be aware of the reality that every historical narrative (stories) are by nature politically oriented, since they either defend or defy the ideologies, values and the structure of society.

European History includes what is known as the Western Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution as well as the process exploring and colonisation which shaped European military, economic and cultural power throughout the globe. This alone is what makes business or (re)writing history akin to a political undertaking. The students will have the opportunity to explore and discuss the various areas of study as a postgraduate scholar in European History – including the chance to challenge the dominantness of European narratives within the greater discipline. New interpretations about the Holocaust have brought to light the issues that are encountered when researching and writing the history. The career opportunities are in communication, heritage, or in the field of cultural industries.

As an example, David Irving was jailed for his notorious rejection of the Holocaust. Learn in Spain is a culturally diverse country within Europe. It was discovered that he "constantly and intentionally disregarded and misrepresented the historical facts’ (Guardian 11th April 2000) Are you searching for an exciting and affordable location to learn? If so you should consider Spain.

E.P. It is home to numerous world-class universities, and is a treasure trove of experiences in the world of culture. Thompson’s work on the Making of the English Working Class was evidently a political undertaking and Thompson was determined to restore the significance for the workers in his view of the history. Therefore, you should consider a trip to warm Spain for a memorable Study abroad opportunity! His argument was clearly informed from the Marxist background, and Thompson wished to oppose the historical study that focused on and celebrated the history of elites.

Table of Contents. It is also possible to gain knowledge through the work of Howard Zinn, who in Peoples History of The United States highlighted the struggle with those of Native Americans and the European Conquests as well as the fight against slavery and the struggles of feminists, trade unionists as well as those who supported the movement for civil rights. Students from all over the world attend classes in Spain for a cheap but quality university education. This book has been extensively employed throughout US educational institutions and can be described as a wonderful illustration writing of Critical Pedagogy, which Giroux describes as a.