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You’re not hiring a mercenary that’s razing a town of villagers — you’re hiring a teammate, someone that you trust and value, and someone you want to build something with. Personal income tax is paid at a flat rate of 15% of gross salary. Employees pay a social security contribution of 6.5% of gross earnings and health insurance of 4.5% of gross earnings. Employers pay a social security contribution of 24.8% of gross earnings and health insurance of 9% of gross earnings for each employee. The time difference with Western European countries varies from one to two hours, and the difference in time with the US is between six and seven hours.

Software engineers in London and Amsterdam should expect a lower salaries than those living in New York or San Francisco. In Zurich, Switzerland (#10), software developers can expect an average salary of $110,123. Santa Cruz is also home to well-paid developers; here, software developers earn an average of $134,680. Here, software developers can expect an average salary of $158,320. Overall, software development is the most in-demand profession in the world.

  • The responders of the three main levels Junior, Middle, and Senior were asked the same questions, so let’s see the results.
  • However, not all of them are equally well-established in the world of software development.
  • PicsArt – is a media-editing application that is adapted to more than 30 languages.
  • Lotus Quality Assurance is the first independent software testing company in Vietnam.
  • The country having the lowest payment for a junior software tester is Indonesia, with $570 a month.

However, this model does not give you the 100% assurance that development will cost exactly as the fixed sum states. So, we provide an estimation of possible risks and a Risk Premium plan. It is a payment that is already included in the model-related services and covers uncertainties and contingencies that might happen during development.

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The average junior developer salary is $69,354 per year or $5,779 per month. The average senior developer salary, on the other hand, is $104,188 per year or $8,682 per month. The peculiarity of this method is that you can choose between opening a separate office in another country or forming a new team in the same or another country, or even in several countries at once. This will javascript developers salary allow you to configure a balanced and efficient team focused on the desired result. It is also useful because in some countries the salary of developers may be lower than in others due to the knowledge of English. Conversely, in some countries, you will easily find specialists with a high level of language proficiency, but in this case, their salary expectations will be higher.

eastern europe software engineer salary

The level of English proficiency in most Eastern European countries is estimated between intermediate – upper-intermediate. Check the company’s portfolio, read reviews from the previous customers, and check their security policy. Create a list of the companies that you want to review and analyze. Developers from Eastern Europe have a strong command of written and spoken English that guarantees easy communication. Stong tech educational background, high English proficiency, and devotion to work make Eastern Europe a preferable global organization choice.

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Nevertheless, the maximum payment for the job is almost equal to Malaysia and higher than in Indonesia. In one month, Indonesian testers can get $360 for the lowest, $720 for the medium, and $1120 for the highest payment. The software team leader salary range in Argentina is between $25,250 and $29,750, depending on the industry. Many foreign countries offshore to Belarus for a number of reasons; one is it having highly-skilled individuals that are available for jobs in the industry.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Armenia also has a number of other advantages among them are strong technicians and affiliates of American companies. A small but active community of venture capitalists who are ready to support projects at an early stage. Besides that, Belarus has some world-famous companies like Viber, MSQRD, MAPS.ME, Flo, and many others.

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Around 75,000 STEM graduates hail from Belarus every year and are projected to increase by 22% by the year 2025. The technical excellence of these graduates displays competence as they undergo training from major software https://globalcloudteam.com/ companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Micro Focus among others. Additionally, the low cost and geographical location pose a favorable and practical advantage to any organization that will offshore to the country.

Java pays the most in the Philippines, and Java developers are paid, on average, $10,833 per year. Python developers make $7,506 per year, and PHP developers earn $3,717. SQL developers are paid $31,815 and Java developers are paid the least, $23,623 per year. Python developers make $36,021 and JavaScript developers earn $33,859.

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. The institute is popular with those who choose engineering and science. Shift Technologies – Online p2p marketplace for buying and selling used cars. The startup was launched in the USA and has already raised $110 million. The service promises to the buyers to deliver the car of their choice for a test drive to their settlements.

In terms of programming languages, iOS pays the most with Ruby in second place. For example, a client from America can hire in-house developers and forget about time zone differences or communication troubles. But, if your budget is set for an average rate per hour, consider different parts of Europe. Here, the average developer hourly rate in the USA will be costlier than in the eastern part of Europe.

Is approximately $33-42, the more experienced specialists can charge $46-57 hourly, for Senior developers rates are $59-68 per hour of their work. The Big Apple is a massive field for well-educated and highly hourly rated developers. The rapid development of the IT industry in the country significantly improved its position in the world. You receive a proposal with estimated effort, project timeline and recommended team structure. We delve into your business needs and our expert team drafts the optimal solution for your project. Of course, there may be other minor factors that influence employee salary, but these are rather dependent on every single company’s rules and policies.

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Every country has its basic salary standard based on its economy and welfare. So, the salary of a developer cannot be lower than the basic economic salary settled in the country. With such qualities and its evolving nature, Flutter is undoubtedly the future of software development across all platforms, making it a great career option to pursue. This is a lot compared to most occupations, making it officially ranked as one of the high-paying jobs.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Talented developers are in high demand in those countries, leading to high rates and a long and tedious process of finding and hiring a developer in-house. The average software developer salary by country in Europe is $69,000 for the UK, while in Sweden the salary falls to $65,000 per year. The average computer engineer salary in the Netherlands ,Finland ,Spain and Portugal ranges from $35,000 to $63,000 per year. The average software engineer salary in Eastern Europe like Poland, Romania and Ukraine ranges from $22,000 up to $30,000 per year which is the lowest among other countries. In the Philippines, the average software developer salary is $7,936 per year or $661 per month.

If you’ve looked into tech talent outside the US, this will seem like a rhetorical question. With nearly a million IT experts, Eastern Europe is the perfect place to find talent. Read also our latest tips and tricks on how to outsource software development.

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The best-paid languages in Germany are Golang at $65,533 and Ruby at $63,616. ● iOS has a slightly lower average salary compared to Android, at $108,783. How to pay to your Ukrainian offshore team, what are the ways to pay salaries, how to do invoices. You can choose between paying the fixed price based on the candidates’ grades and 15% of the yearly salary. Freelance recruiters fee is 10-15% of the annual salary of the candidate, and the commission of recruitment agencies up to 25%, plus you pay for the services of legal consultants.

This is exacerbated by brain drain in many countries since many of the most experienced engineers may move on to other more promising regions. Eastern Europe suffered from a bit of brain drain in years past, but for the most part there are adequate opportunities available for software professionals and no need to leave to find work. The presence of so many seasoned professionals also feeds the IT ecosystem, which we’ll look into later in the report. To hire a software testing lead, an employer has to pay $6400 per month in Singapore. The figures in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia representatively are $990, $1460, and $1060. It is noticeable that Vietnam is the one who has the lowest salary, where the tester gets a sixth-time fewer than the highest payment.

Where a software engineer in India may expect to get paid ₹563,660 / $7,560 per year, the same position in San Francisco would earn at least this per month. In Seattle, the average software developer salary reaches $127,569 annually. According to Payscale salary comparison, the highest paid software engineer country in Europe is Switzerland — $95,000, Denmark — $71,000, and Norway — $70,000 per year. The average software engineer salary per month in these countries is $7,949 for Switzerland, $5,350 — Denmark, $6,012 — Norway. Let’s consider the average development salaries worldwide to see where such specialists are most valued in monetary terms. This information may give a hint to workers as to where to seek better-paying jobs, while businesses looking to hire tech specialists may understand where to search for talent.

It should be noted, however, that the range for which you might expect to get paid as a director of engineering can vary widely. Once you have reach this level, salary becomes more linked to the size of company and team whom you will be leading. The average junior software developer salary in Switzerland is $89,643 or $7,470 per month. The average senior software developer salary is $127,693 or $10,641. Average years of experience is a very informative metric when assessing the maturity of a region as a whole. It takes many years for developers to gain experience and move into management and leadership, making truly senior software engineers difficult to find.

However, there is something about Europe that makes it fit for many companies to offshore their business. The Dedicated Team model gives you a team of engineers dedicated to the whole project from start to finish. The client is contracted to pay a monthly salary for the development services, the hourly workload of the full-time and part-time engineers, and team members on board. The Remote Flutter Developer earns an annual salary of $ 94,079, monthly payments of $7,840, a weekly one of $ 1,809, and an hourly rate of $45.23. For example, Flutter Developers in Ukraine earn an average hourly rate of $37 even though the programmers from this country are ranked among the most skillful in the world.

Eastern Europe is the place where quality meets reasonable pricing. Nonetheless, there’s more than meets the eye, when it comes to talking about software development and Eastern Europe. Remember in school when they taught us how to rephrase a question when answering it? I should consider Eastern Europe for hiring tech talent because…the tech talent pool has 1+ million IT experts.