Vampyr review – Beautiful but Soulless

PublisherFocus Home Interactive
PlatformsPC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Size14.22 GB
Latest Version1.08

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Vampyr is a good game with a great idea with minor pacing and performance troubles.

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, Vampyr (pronounced Vamp-eer because vampires are pretentious and insufferable) is an RPG action game where you’re a, get this, vampire. But in Vampyr you’re not some cold-hearted, blood-sucking Nosferatu prowling night-time London for his next meal. The main character is a new convert who struggles constantly with the waning of his humanity in light of his rebirth in darkness. This very personal tale keeps the game pushing forward in spite of some pacing issues. Its pacy and responsive combat and rich dialog options, at times reminiscent of L.A. Noire, ensure your time spent in Vampyr is well worth the entrance fee.

Vampyr Game took place in the city of London shortly after the end of the world war. we will play Doctor Jonathan Reid who wakes up in a grave who finds himself turned into a vampire. Doctor Jonathan Reid then tried to run away and avoid the pursuit of vampire hunters and began to hear strange noises.

After that incident he then met several people and started working again in a hospital. While London is being hit by a strange plague that attacks the population, Doctor Jonathan Reid is trying to find out about this outbreak and why he turned into a vampire and what sounds he often hears so far? Interesting is not it, a doctor who is also a vampire on the one hand he must kill to satisfy his thirst for blood on the other hand he must be a doctor who helps solve cases.

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As explained earlier, this Vampyr game is an Action RPG game using 3rd person view. There are many NPCs that will be met throughout the game. each NPC gives a clue about the target of doctor Reid, the NPC can also provide a side quest which of course provides exp to upgrade our character. In this Vampyr game like other RPG games, there is a skill tree and we can also trade weapons, by drinking someone’s blood when we defeat certain enemies and targets.

What is unique from this Vampyr game is that we can kill the NPCs and drink their blood to upgrade the skill tree or find information, of course killing the NPCs will have certain consequences in the storyline in the game.  Every time we interact with NPCs, we are required to choose the answers of each NPC that will have an effect on the status of our relations to the NPC. One more unique thing from this Vampyr game.

Battle game Vampyr is quite unique, there is stamina that will increase when we bite our opponents, there are also several types of weapons that we can use ranging from melee weapons, and long range weapons, of course, pistols are one of these weapons. The enemy in this Vampyr game can be said to be very difficult if we play as a vampire that is too “good” by not killing some NPCs, because we will have difficulty upgrading our character’s skills. Even though this game can be finished without killing the NPCs, the level of difficulty will multiply.

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Vampyr game has graphics that can be said to be normal, and not bad, the environment with a London background in 1918 adds to the impression of horror in this game.

A doctor who becomes a vampire works in a hospital, the story in this Vampyr game is quite solid, the main thing in this Vampyr game includes interactions with the NPCs, you can kill them, or take the hard way by letting them live, the choice of any interaction affect the course of the story and the ending as what we will get. This game is not too special, but seeing the many choices in playing this Vampyr game is a plus.

The Verdict
Vampyr review - Beautiful but Soulless 4

Vampyr is beautiful and intriguing but buggy and clunky and that's why it's so frustrating! Patient gamers willing to give it a go might find a few things they really like, but if you're uncertain whether to pull the trigger or not just avoid it.

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