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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Latest Version1.1

Ever imagine yourself running a supermarket? Well, who knows? You could be a Supermarket Tycoon someday. From the maker of some of the addictive incremental games like Idle Cooking Tycoon and Idle Airport Tycoon comes another equally entertaining idle game! Idle Supermarket Tycoon is one of the latest additions to Codigames’ collection. I guess the title of the game is clear enough to know what exactly you need to do. In Idle Supermarket Tycoon, your goal is to manage and operate a Supermarket. The goal is to make your Supermarket more profitable and become a supermarket tycoon.

Idle Supermarket TycoonThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are very simple and easily manageable. If you have played some incremental or idle games before, then you should know the drill. Basically, this type of game requires less interaction from the player. Despite the apparent simplicity, the players are still encouraged to establish the most effective strategy to maximize the earnings. You should know which area should be upgraded and which items to prioritize to make your supermarket more profitable.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to a simple 24 hour market. You will only have a simple Produce Department (sells fruits) to manage at first. Along with the Produce department is a single Cashier and a small parking lot to accommodate small number of customers. Budget wise, you start off with the base money of $100 with an average of $60/min income and also 30 Diamonds (premium currency). From here, you need to find ways to earn more by upgrading your store and also by improving your workers’ productivity.

Download Idle Supermarket Tycoon APK - For Android/iOS 1Becoming A Supermarket Tycoon

This might take a real hard work in real life but with Idle Supermarket Tycoon, you can make your business prosper in such short period of time. Upgrade is basically the key to increase your income per minute. Generally, there are many areas you must pay attention with. For a Produce Department for instance, you must constantly Upgrade the building to dramatically increase the profits and also to introduce more items to your customers. You can cater more customers by hiring an employee and you are also encouraged to upgrade their salary to make them more productive. The tricky part here is the fact that prices are increasing exponentially so you have to earn more income to avail them.

Once you have earned enough, you can soon purchase more buildings from the office. Eventually, you can add Bakery, Butcher Shop, Seafood Shop and many more. Parking Lot also plays a crucial role in this game. The bigger the supermarket grows, the more customers it attracts and therefore, you need a bigger parking space to accommodate them. To attract even more, you can also spend money for advertising and make your store more popular than ever.

Idle Supermarket TycoonClever Ad Placement

Ads are often annoying for mobile games but we understand the fact that it is where the revenue is coming. For Idle Supermarket Tycoon however, you will be surprised how clever they managed to input the ads. In fact, you may find yourself wanting to view more ads due to the generous prize that you earn in return. Here’s how the ad-viewing works. From time to time, a VIP customer will arrive on the parking lot. This will give you an offer to watch a video and earn prize in return. Believe it or not, the prizes are very tempting. You can watch a 30 seconds video and earn a million or two cash in return! Who could even refuse to that offer? Aside from the VIP Customer, you will also get occasional extra offers that will grant you Express Lanes or Additional Customers in exchange of watching the video. Express Lanes are very advantageous as it expedites the process of both producing goods and collecting payments.

Diamonds can be used to purchase permanent upgrades that can dramatically increase your productivity and speed up the production process. Players can also earn income through the Home delivery trucks that will arrive from time to time.

Idle Supermarket TycoonThe Verdict

Idle Supermarket Tycoon is truly an addictive incremental game. There’s just too many areas to explore and you will definitely appreciate the growth from a simple Market to a big time supermarket. Above all, the ad placement in this game is cleverly inputted and are less annoying. Absolutely worth playing. Idle Supermarket Tycoon is currently available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download the game absolutely for free.

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