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PlatformsAndroid 4.2+; iOS 10.0+
Latest Version3.0.2

A shark is one of the scariest sea creatures in the world. This is because whenever I have had a conversation about sharks, images of Jaws always come to mind. However, Hungry Shark World has managed to do the impossible: make sharks fun. Even though the idea of sharks eating everything in their path is horrifying in real life, this game has managed to turn it into a fun and engaging game. Not to mention that the entire game has gorgeous, bright visuals and great animations to boot.

Eat to Survive the Hungry Shark World!

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The main objective of Hungry Shark World is to eat to stay alive. You will have a life bar at the top right side of the screen that depletes everytime your shark is not eating. This means you must always be moving and hunting for things to eat. Once it gets empty, your shark will die of hunger.

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Luckily, the ocean is full of things to eat, from tiny fish, turtles, jellyfish to other sharks. The bigger the sea creature, the more it will fill up your health meter when you consume it. Unfortunately, not everything is edible in the sea. For example, other sharks will try to eat you as well if they are bigger than you and jellyfish will sting you if your shark is small. Don’t even dare approach the Blowfish when they have bloated up; their spikes are deadly.

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Sea creatures aren’t your only pray in Hungry Shark World. You can also eat humans when you find them swimming at the top of the ocean. There will also be seagulls flying above the ocean, and you can catch and eat them too if they are flying too low.

Fluid and Responsive Controls

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Let’s talk about one thing I really loved about Hungry Shark World: the controls.  I half expected the controls to be stiff and problematic, but I was wrong. Handling the shark is a breeze, and it responds well to the controls and moves with fluidity and sometimes with grace.

The control scheme is simple: the left-hand side has a virtual joystick that moves the shark in all directions. If you hit the bottom right of the screen, you can give your shark a quick boost, which comes in handy for fast-moving pray. Also, I found the boost useful for running away from predators that pursue you. And if you time it right, you can use the boost to make the shark leap out of the water and catch a seagull that is flying up high.

Buy Bigger Hungrier Sharks

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Hungry Shark World is full of all sorts of sharks, which you unlock by completing the challenges in each world and earning purple diamonds. You can then use these diamonds to purchase more sharks. There is a huge selection of sharks that you will want to unlock them all. The sharks range from extra small (XS) to extra extra large (XXL), each with their own unique strengths. As you purchase bigger sharks, you can take down bigger prey.


As far as games about sharks go, this one is the best I ever played. The gorgeous graphics, smooth controls and variety in sharks make for one fun package. Who knew controlling a terrifying shark could lead to such a great time?

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