How To Install NoxPlayer Android Emulator on Your Computer

how to install noxplayer on pcIf there are mobile apps that allow you to emulate games from higher gaming platforms, there’s also software that allows you to emulate Android games on PC! Android Emulators, as what the title suggest, is a software that allows you to emulate various Android phone functions. The software gives you access to Play Store and play games on your PC! Today, there are so many Android Emulators to choose from and only few of them have good reputation. One of the leading FREE Android Emulator today is the NoxPlayer which runs smooth and safe. This tutorial will teach you how to install Noxplayer and how to play Android games using the software.

Reasons Why You Need to Install an Android Emulator like NoxPlayer

There are many reasons on why people install Android Emulators. Some of you might wonder why people need such software despite the fact that they can simply use their smartphones. Listed below are some reasons why would someone install an Android Emulator in their to install noxplayer

  • Bigger Screen. Some users are not just satisfied with their 5 or 7 inch smartphones especially when it comes to games. The bigger the screen the better gaming experience. An Android Emulator like NoxPlayer allows you to play your favorite mobile games in a wider screen.  You can adjust the size based on your personal preference and you can even play the game in full screen.  Wider gamescreen is beneficial for games like Shooting (for better aiming) and those with Chat system.
  • For Those Who own Low-end Android Phones. There are probably millions of games on Google Play Store today! However, we cannot deny the fact that the requirements for most new games are extremely high and too demanding. Those who own low-end phones may not be able to download them or they might experience lags and bugs frequently. You can bypass these requirements by having Android Emulator on your PC. So if you really want to play that mobile game, you better learn how to install Noxplayer on your PC now! (Also Check : How to Reduce Lag for Low-End Phones To Play Rules of Survival Smoother)
  • Play More Than One Games in One Monitor. You are probably a hardcore player who can play two or more games at once. An Android Emulator like Noxplayer allows you to play multiple apps at the same time. So while you wait for your Lives to replenish in Candy Crush Saga, you can keep yourself busy protecting your base in Clash of Clans.
  • Saving Mobile Battery. Another interesting benefit of having an Android Emulator is the fact that you can conserve you mobile’s battery. Heavy mobile games often consume battery and can heat up your phone. This will greatly affect your phone’s battery life and will eventually cause your some trouble and costly battery repair or replacement.

How to Install NoxPlayer on your PC

Now that you know the reasons, you might greatly consider getting one. NoxPlayer is definitely a great choice. First of all, the software is FREE and secondly, it is SAFE. Noxplayer is one of the leading Android Emulator today with such great reputation from the users and critics. Now allow us to teach you how to install Noxplayer on your PC.

  • First thing you should consider is the source. You can search the software through Google and it will definitely provide you overwhelming results. Taking random sites could be risky so better get it directly from NoxPlayer’s official page. You can visit The site provides download links for both Windows and Mac
  • Download the Installer and start the installation. Learning how to install Noxplayer is not as complicated as it sounds. The installer takes you to easy and quick steps and in just few clicks, the software will start installing.
  • After successfully installing the software, launch Noxplayer from the icon on your desktop.
  • This prompts you to a simple interface emulating an Android phone screen. It contains basic icons and apps like Google Play Store, Camera, a Facebook Lite, Play Games, Contacts, Google Settings and Browser. You can also find controls on the right panel.

how to install noxplayerHow to Install Games on NoxPlayer and How to configure them

  • Now that you know how to install Noxplayer on your PC, let me guide you on how to install games from it. Much like the real Android Phones, you can download games from the Google Play Store. The Software will authenticate you and you need to provide your existing Google Account or better yet create a new one.
  • Interestingly, those games you installed on your Android Phone can be synced on this software if you decide to use the same Google account.
  • Search the name of the game in Google Play Store’s search bar and Install them.
  • After successfully installing the game, an icon will appear on your Home Screen. You can start playing the game right away.
  • The only difference between an Android Emulator and a real Android phone is the controls. The games on an Android Emulator use keys on your keyboard and your mouse instead of simply tapping the screen.
  • To set the controls, simply click the Control Icon on the right panel. This will display various virtual control pads and buttons. Simply drag the controls on their respective places and Save! For example; you can set the WASD keys to replace the virtual joystick and Use the Mouse Click for actions like Shooting and activating skills. You can change the settings anytime you want.

how to install noxplayerOther Interesting features of NoxPlayer

  • Learning how to install Noxplayer is simple and control configuration is also easily-manageable. Now you should know some great features that this Software has to offer.
  • NoxPlayer allows users to install games via APK Files. Much like the process of installing APK Files on mobile, players must download APK Files on any source in the Internet. Simply click the APK icon on the right panel and upload the APK files to start installing.
  • NoxPlayer will also automatically adjust the gamescreen based on your game. If the game requires vertical screen, the Noxplayer will automatically adjust for full gaming experience.
  • Aside from games, you can also enjoy all the basic features like Camera, Gallery and many others.

If you find this tutorial on how to installe Noxplayer on your PC useful, feel free to share it with your friends too! Enjoy Playing!

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