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Shadow Fight 2, Available with Plenty of New Features

A lot of people love to play smartphone games. A lot of these games are free and quite entertaining. When it comes to choosing the best role-playing game of the recent time, the game comes in mind is the Shadow Fight. That is a very entertaining game that allows you to control a highly skilled ninja. It was a huge success and therefore NEKKI (the Shadow Fight Publisher) decided to provide the smartphone game lovers with something more amazing. Here we have the Shadow Fight 2. Of course, it is a game with multiple new improvements and features. Continue ready to reveal what the Shadow Fight 2 is all about.

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The setting of the game:

The shadow characters this time look quite real. These fighting characters are modeled in 3D and they fight in front of a variety of new backdrop to enhance the visual appeal on the screen. This may sound a bit confusing that why still the developer is stuck with the pitch black characters, but their appearance improved from the last time. We all have seen those martial arts fighting movies. We know how the ninjas and other skilled martial artists can fight if they want. So, Shadow Fight 2 will reveal some realistic fighting moves.

The two fighting characters will show some real moves. It has been possible because of impressive animation maneuvers. You can choose from a wide range of animations to unleash a deadly attack on your opponent. These weapons cause some serious wounds. The character that got smacked by the weapon flops around just like a real human. This game’s robust rag doll physics engine makes all these animations possible. When it comes to the visual representation of the game, everything looks pretty wonderful.


This game is featuring quite an impressive combat mechanism. To keep things more realistic, Nekki’s Shadow Fights 2 would feature slow pacing fights. You need to be ahead of the opponent in order to finish on the winning side. The fight will take within the limited time. Some critical strikes and you can take down your opponent. There is no need to show too much patient otherwise your character will get quickly killed. Every weapon in this game will come with a different reach. So, it will be better to attack before your opponent moves his long range weapon. Or, you can use the long range weapon to destroy the opponent from a safe distance.

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Sound and audio effects:

The sound effects used in this game are pretty entertaining. You will feel like you are on an oriental battle site where you are for only one purpose and that is FIGHT. This game features a blend of sound effects such as bliffs, thwacks, shrings, and blades. The characters will make very limited noises. However, the animated intro piece is quite fascinating that connects you with the game. The official soundtrack features oriental fusion music that seems quite enchanting. All in all, the developers have tried to make it a perfect game for every smartphone user, who likes to play combat games on his phone.

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